What is the Equitable Education Fund?

The purpose of the Equitable Education Fund is to increase awareness and sensitivity among individuals most likely to influence a child’s well-being and school success, thus promoting: early intervention and identification, advocacy training and effective parental involvement, improving teacher training and classroom accommodations, and finally, facilitating durable school and legislative reforms.

Education is the key to helping children with learning disabilities reach their full potential and achieve the highest possible quality of life.


Increasing awareness among:

  • Individuals with learning disabilities

  • Parents and family members

  • Teachers and Principals

  • Counselors and Therapists

  • Physicians and Nurses

  • Social Workers and Youth Leaders

  • Judges and Probation Officers

  • School Officials and Legislators

Emphasizing the need to know…

  • Characteristics of learning disabilities

  • Importance of early identification and referral

  • Legal rights and responsibilities

  • How to access essential services

  • Useful school and home accommodations

  • How to be an effective advocate

  • Value of transition planning for the future

Expanding community services…

  • Outreach by LDA of WNY local and regional affiliation

  • Ongoing referral and networking services

  • Parent training and support groups

  • Quarterly newsletter and bulletins

  • Educational Advocacy

  • Information