Build (Buffalo Buses) Back Better!!

DATE: May 24th

TIME: 5-7pm

LOCATION: Outside of NFTA’s Metropolitan Transportation Center
                 181 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY 14203

COST: Free



May 24th marks a one-year anniversary since NFTA-Metro slashed the #7 Richmond-Baynes, #29 Wohlers and #54 Military. It would be the first of multiple bus service cuts since the pandemic.

The pandemic has accelerated a spiraling of bus service cuts in our region, stripping away affordable and clean transportation options to make errands, visit love ones and clock into work on time. President Biden is pushing for the passage of the American Jobs Act to BUILD BACK BETTER our nation. Meanwhile, bus riders here are still waiting for the American Rescue Plan to rescue them. Everyone should be included in America's plan to BUILD BACK BETTER, not just the folks who can afford to own and drive a car--a depreciating asset growing more expensive every passing year, no different different if its gas or electric-powered. Please help us reverse a transit death spiral, and help bus riders BTRU-ly heard among decision makers. No more cuts!

We ask you to join us for a rally in favor of expanded transit service on 5PM Monday, May 24, 2021, at NFTA’s Metropolitan Transportation Center, 113 Ellicott Street. The rally will include speakers sharing their personal stories and thoughts on how adding more buses would “Build Back Better” our region. We'll also be handing out vinyl-printed signs that resemble bus stops. Guests can assign one or more bus routes, urging that these routes are "BUILT BACK BETTER."

It is time we recover the bus service lost during the pandemic but also leverage the upcoming federal infrastructure package (i.e: The American Jobs Act) to restore a level of frequent and expansive bus service prior to the Great Recession.
If unable to attend the forum, we hope you will share this petition with your members and supporters. We plan to deliver these petition signatures by Thursday, May 27, as the House plans to approve an infrastructure package in early July.

The Centers for Disease Control advises that participants of large outdoor gatherings wear masks, and we will be adhering to those guidelines.