Post Secondary Coaching


Post-Secondary education is a key to improved transitions and greater success. On average, a person with a post-secondary degree will earn substantially more than one with only a high school diploma. Post-secondary education for students with learning and/or developmental disabilities can support life success!



What is School to Career Supports?


Schools to Career supports can help students attending post-secondary programs, such as trade schools:


1) Complete the certificate/degree requirements successfully
2) Obtain employment related to their field of study.



What services and support will I receive?


Educational Supports
Support with assistive technology and software
Testing Accommodations
Study Skills
Test Practice and Support
Basic Computer Literacy and Training
Resume and Cover Letter Development
Job Search Skills
Job Application Training and Support
Interview Preparation
Job-related counseling and support, on-site or off-site
Support with supervisor or co-worker relationships
Development of a long-term career plan