Learning Disabilities Association of WNY appoints new CEO

Learning Disabilities Association of WNY (LDA) announces new CEO. After 25 years, LDA CEO Mike Helman retires post to Marc Hennig

The Learning Disabilities Association of WNY has announced the appointment of Marc Hennig as their new CEO. He will assume responsibilities on November 1st and will succeed Michael Helman, who will continue to work part-time with LDA during the transition.

Mr. Helman has been with the organization for 25 years and has expressed that, “By far, this has been the most rewarding and satisfying job that I’ve ever had and I‘m sure Marc will feel the same.”

Marc Hennig has been the C.O.O. of the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York for the past 15 years. In that capacity he has overseen all services, programs, staff and budgets. This includes 110 staff members at multiple sites that provide services in seven counties in WNY. Previous to that he worked in California for over 20 years both as an Executive Director of a community based support agency serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities and as a, State of California, Quality Assurance Specialist.

Mr. Hennig expressed enthusiasm about his new role, “I’m excited to accept the CEO position at LDA and look forward to work with our innovative team to create new opportunities for the people that we serve.” Marc has inventive visions for the future of the LDA. “We want to forge new collaborations and alliances with like-minded non-profits to serve the community more effectively and efficiently while continuing to provide high quality services focused on our core values of compassion, flexibility, and shared responsibility.”

The organization looks forward to this new chapter in LDA’s story.

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