To Learning Disabilities Association of WNY supporters: The current minimum wage upstate is $10.40/hr, however for fast food & hospitality industry employees in upstate it is $11.75/hr. The upstate minimum wage will increase to $11.10/hr on 12/31/18 and to $11.80/hr on 12/31/19; at the same time the minimum wage for the fast food industry upstate will increase to $12.75 on 12/31/18 and to $13.75 as of 12/31/19. Direct Support Professionals are not minimum wage jobs, yet the current average upstate DSP wage is estimated to be approximately $10.50/hr The goal of the #bFair2DirectCare Campaign is to secure additional governmental support to fund a living wage for our DSPs. Our modest request is to raise the funding in stages so that when fully implemented, DSPs on average, will be making $15.54 upstate. We need NYS Legislature commitment to fund the #bFair2DirectCare campaign in order to stabilize our workforce and allow providers to sustain the supports people with disabilities and their families require. We need total buy in from all of you! We need you all to demand NYS #bFair2DirectCare!

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